What I’m Watching: Grown-ish

I absolutely love Black-ish. It’s one of the best shows on TV right now. It reminds me of the Cosby Show but less wholesome; more real. When it was announced that the oldest character, the daughter Zoe, was getting a spin-off about her adventures in college, I was not enthused. Yara Shahidi (the actress that plays Zoe) is great on Black-ish, playing the oldest sibling who is too cool for everyone. She’s self-absorbed, popular, fashionable, a little shallow with hints of depth. I wasn’t sure that Yara could carry a show on her own. She has proven me wrong. She has proven the masses wrong because Grown-ish has already been renewed for a second season.


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What I’m Watching: She’s Gotta Have It

I’m old enough to remember the original Spike Lee Joint, the movie She’s Gotta Have It. It was ahead of it’s time. It pushed buttons. It was filmed in black and white. It was about a woman, Nola Darling, who had 3 lovers and was unapologetic about her sexuality. That movie aired in 1986.


Fast forward 30 years and Spike Lee teams up with Netflix to turn the groundbreaking movie into a TV show. My first thought was, how can they make a 2 hour movie into 10 episodes? And then if the buzz is good, then another 10 episodes if the show gets picked up for a second season? When the cast was revealed I did an internal fist pump. Why? Because the men in this reboot are WAY more attractive than the men in the original. Sorry not sorry. I mean I need a little bit of sumthin’, sumthin’ to look at. They’re not on Idris Elba’s level of sexiness but they are definitely an upgrade from 1986.

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