Mini Reviews

Here are some quick reviews of books I’ve read the past month and a half. Life got in the way and I haven’t had much down time to read. I hate when that happens. 😦

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00066]The Follow 2: Blocked by Eliza David

King and Shauna are deep in their relationship. Things are going great for both of their careers. King is tasked with producing the soundtrack for an upcoming film. It’s a great opportunity but unfortunately he is experiencing writer’s block. This causes tension in King’s and Shauna’s relationship because Shauna isn’t familiar with the process that King goes through to create music. Things gets worse when King asks his former flame to help him write the song.

I loved revisiting King and Shauna. Both of them got on my nerves with their issues and juvenile ways. There was a lot of immaturity going on it’s hard to believe these people are professionals and in their early 30s. I enjoyed the book despite King and Shauna being too stupid to live. LOL! I will say that I felt like the author took the easy route with Shauna’s relationship with someone from her job. Made it too easy for King to be the good guy even though he was no way innocent in his behavior.

Rating: C+

princessofzamibiaPrincess of Zamibia by Delaney Diamond
Dahlia and Kofi had a whirlwind romance that ended in heartbreak and distrust. Kofi returns three years later to claim the heir to the Zamibia throne. He gives Dahlia two options: return to Zamibia with him or live without her son.

I love a second-chance romance and secret baby romance. My two favorite tropes. I would have liked it better if the hero wasn’t such a prick in the beginning. I didn’t like Kofi for most of the book. Yes he was hurt that Dahlia kept his son from him but he never gave her a chance to explain her side. Also, he doesn’t trust her due to some shady dealings done by her boss that Kofi thinks that Dahlia did. Again, Kofi would not listen to Dahlia or let her clear her name. His high-handedness was annoying. Yes he’s royalty but he was also an arsehole. The romance moves pretty quickly. There’s some added drama (which I thought was unnecessary) towards the end but alls well that ends well. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

Rating: C

somethingspecialSomething Special by Tiffany Patterson
We met Gabriella and Jamal in the Safe Space series. Their relationship was contentious in that series and nothing has changed. The sexual tension between these characters was off the charts. It got to the point where I yelled, stop arguing and bone already! I enjoyed this book a lot. I could not put it down. I loved revisiting Chanel and Xavier (from Safe Space series). I will say that the last bit of the book, the author added, in my opinion, unnecessary drama with a new character. I felt that it was out of the blue and interrupted the flow of the story. Everything was going smoothly and to throw this wrench in the plot took me aback. And then it was resolved rather quickly. Why add it at all? Thankfully it didn’t ruin the book for me.

Rating: B-

How I Got Here


I never thought I would be here again. When I shutdown my blog, Love To Read For Fun, 3 years ago I thought that I was done with blogging forever. I’d fallen out of love with the romance industry. It was the same ol’ same ol’ and to be honest, I got tired of reading about white people. I wanted to see myself in some of these stories. Also, I didn’t have time to read like I used to. I didn’t want to make the time to read. Last year something changed. I signed up for Kindle Unlimited. I started reading authors that I’d never heard of. I purposely searched for romance books that were not what I used to read and review on my blog. In by doing that I found a treasure of self-pubbed black romance writers. I was so excited. I didn’t care if the book was KU or not. I was going through their backlists and inhaling everything they wrote. I was hungry for them. This is what I’d been missing!!! I started getting anxious, waiting for new releases. Amazon is terrible with their search function so trying to find new releases was frustrating. So my next step was to find blogs that posted reviews or releases. Imagine my disappointment (but not surprise) that there aren’t that many out there. Well, that’s what author’s websites are for, right? I’ll just sign up for their newsletter. But I wanted to read reviews as well. There aren’t a lot of reviews on Goodreads for black romance and it’s a damn shame.

I took my frustrations to twitter hoping that I could get some info there. The same two websites kept popping up, Girl Have You Read and WOCinRomance. I use both sites to get new release information. The twitterverse was able to only provide 2 sites for black romance? T W O?!?!?! This sent me on a twitter rant (shocker). I expressed my disappointment on how mainstream romance sites still don’t show black romance any love. Yeah they talk a good game about Diversity in Romance on twitter and use the hashtag to show their “support” but where is that diversity on your site??? Put your money where your mouth is! Put up or shut up.

My frustration continued to simmer. I’ve been reading some bomb ass romance novels written by some bomb ass black women and they are getting zero shine and IT SUCKS! And because it sucks, I made the decision to start blogging again.

Reading Romance in Color will focus on romance stories written by WoC. My goal is to shine a light on all of the black romance authors that I have discovered over the past year and a half.  I will also review works by other AoC as well but my main focus will be black authors.

My intent is not have a shitload of followers and clicks and impressions and all that nonsense.  And getting ARCs before everyone else. Worrying about that nonsense is one of the reasons why I shut down my previous blog. It stopped being FUN. My purpose is to continue doing what I’m doing – reading romance written by black women featuring black women (I don’t say black couples cause there are a lot of BWWM books out there and some of them have been pretty good).

Depending on how this all goes, I may spend the money and pay for blog hosting and all that nonsense but I’m not going to do that yet. I may change my mind next week and delete the entire thing. LOL!


So here I go….