Review: Let Me Love You by Alexandria House

letmeloveyouTitle: Let Me Love You
Series: McClain Brothers, #1
Author: Alexandria House
Published: Februray 5, 2018
Pages: 322
Publisher: Self-published
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: C+

Favorite quote: “And this motherfucker is wearing gray jogging pants.”

summary from Goodreads:
Trying to put past hurts behind you is hard when your ex is a fool, but buoyed by child support and alimony, Jo Walker is moving forward with her life, pursuing a career, raising her little girl, and trying to live in peace. She believes she has all the bases covered in her world. But what about her heart?

Rap legend Everett “Big South” McClain is divorced, too, knows all about failed relationships, and has relegated his love life to casual connections rather than pursuing something real. That is, until he lays eyes on Jo.

She’s exactly what he never knew he needed.

He’s what’s been missing from her world.

Will she accept what he has to offer and let him love her?

Can we just bask in the sexiness of that cover for a second? Mmmmmmm. Also, I had to add that quote because – GRAY JOGGING PANTS! Ladies we all know when the weather starts getting cool, it’s our favorite time of year. Gray sweatpants season. If some of y’all don’t know what I’m talking about, hit the Googles and thank me later.

I enjoyed Let Me Love You from start to finish. Everett “Big South” McClain is a multi-dimensional character. He’s a famous rap artist and he hooks up with his fair share of women but when he meets Jo, all bets are off. Their first meeting left a lasting impression on Big South and he started pursuing Jo with determination. Jo knew who Big South was. She’s a fan of his music. But she wasn’t going to go down that path of falling for a rapper. But South is persistent. And fine. And sexy as hell. Turns out he’s a really decent guy.

It took me a moment to warm up to Jo. At times she was frustrating but she slowly grew on me. Both Big South and Jo have to deal with trifling ass exes getting in the way. I liked that once Jo and South were a couple, there weren’t any stupid conflicts to break them up as a plot device. Sometimes when authors throw a conflict out of the blue into the mix just to have the make up in the end kind of ticks me off. Sometimes that plot device isn’t necessary. Just let the couple be together and deal with any issues that come their way as a couple.

Let Me Love You – the title says it all. Jo wasn’t open to being with Big South because of his public persona but he won her over by showing his true self. I loved every character in those book (except Jo’s boss and the exes) and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Big South has a lot of brothers so I got my Kindle charged up and ready to go. I’m ready to read about the rest of the sexy McClain brothers.


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