Review: Be My Forever Bride by Martha Kennerson

bemyforeverTitle: Be My Forever Bride
Series: The Kingsleys of Texas
Author: Martha Kennerson
Published: January 16, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani
Pages: 224
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Netgalley
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: D

summary from Goodreads:
He vowed to love and cherish her…It was like something out of a fairy tale: being swept off her feet, then eloping with her one true love, Houston oil tycoon Brice Kingsley. Then a devastating diagnosis and a threat from her past forced Brooke Smith Kingsley to leave the man she loved. Now she has a chance to make things right, but only if she can keep her secret–and her distance–from her irresistible husband.Though he couldn’t accept Brooke’s reasons for running away, Brice never gave up on her or their marriage. And with the beautiful tax attorney back in his life, reigniting passion stronger than before, he can’t bear to let her go ever again. Even as a revenge-seeking blackmailer schemes to bring down the Kingsley empire, Brice will fight for their future–a love that’s for now and forever.

I haven’t read previous books in this series and was hoping I could jump in without having had read the previous books. I was a little lost when the characters referenced issues and things that happened previously. The book starts off with Brook and Brice separated and preparing for divorce. So I missed out on their whirlwind courtship and subsequent quick marriage. Maybe if I was privy to their courtship, I would have felt more invested in their marriage. But I wasn’t.

Be My Forever Bride suffers from too much happening in just 200 pages. The focus should have been Brice and Brooke and their marriage and the reasoning behind her filing for divorce. The blackmail plot-line took over the second half of the book and I did not enjoy it. To me, there was no need to throw that into the mix. Again, this is the first book I’ve read in the series so maybe Brooke’s past has been an ongoing issue. I wasn’t feeling it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get into Be My Forever Bride from the start and that did not change as the story progressed. I really didn’t like the blackmail plot-line. At some parts I was confused and that could be because I haven’t read the previous books. I would have preferred if the story stuck with Brooke’s medical issue and delved more into Brice and Brooke working through it. I managed to finish Be My Forever Bride but I skimmed most of the book once the blackmail story took center stage.

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