Review: Overtime for Love by Synithia Williams

overtimeTitle: Overtime for Love
Author: Synithia Williams
Published: January 1, 2018
Pages: 224
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Netgalley
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: C+

summary from Goodreads:
Desire is a game without rules 

Optimistic and hardworking, Angela Bouler prides herself on getting through life without asking for an assist. School, two jobs, caring for her nephew, Cory—she’s keeping all together…then Isaiah Reynolds bounces into her life. The Jacksonville Gators’ star forward is coaching at Cory’s summer camp, but guardians and mentors aren’t supposed to mix—and certainly not surrender to red-hot kisses…

Isaiah has an image of the perfect partner in his head, and it doesn’t quite mesh with Angela’s hectic life. Or her evening job serving drinks at a gentlemen’s club. But deep down, she’s the only woman who sparks a true connection. He’s expected to keep his image spotless, but instead he’s risking everything on a strong, sexy, complicated woman. Winning her heart won’t be easy, but it’s becoming the only play that really matters…


Overtime for Love is the first book I’ve read by Synithia Williams and it won’t be the last. The author did a different take on the single mother, rich basketball player trope. Angela works two jobs while attending school and taking care of her nephew. She’s smart and independent. She doesn’t want to be taken care of. Isaiah isn’t your typical ball player. His teammates call him “Preppy” because of the way he dresses. He’s not flashy. He wants to be in a relationship; to be married and he has an image of who that woman will be and it’s definitely not Angela. Even though the chemistry between the two is off the charts.

I really enjoyed the slow burn of Isaiah and Angela’s romance. They both had reasons for not wanting to jump into a relationship quickly. Isaiah isn’t the typical baller and is a genuinely good guy. He wants to protect and help the people he cares about which causes tension at times between him and Angela. Angela is very independent and doesn’t want to be caught up in a situation where she becomes solely dependent on Isaiah or anyone for her financial means. At times Angela’s insistence on doing things on her own got frustrating for me as a reader. I wanted to scream, There’s nothing wrong with accepting a little bit of help! But also Isaiah took his helpfulness a little too far to the point where it undermined Angela’s wishes.

Overtime for Love was an enjoyable read and a wonderful romance. Sometimes a romance doesn’t have to be about a bad boy and the woman that loves him. There are good guys out there and Synithia Love wrote a great romance hero in Isaiah Reynolds. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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