Review: The Night Before by Jacinta Howard

nightTitle: The Night Before
Author: Jacinta Howard
Published: December 14, 2017
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 135
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: B

summary from Goodreads
Ava couldn’t believe she’d let her best friend talk her into coming to a mind numbing holiday party on the night before Christmas. As Ava counts the minutes before she can leave, all she can think about is how much she wants to snuggle up on the sofa with a crappy holiday movie and drink too much eggnog (with rum). That is, until an old classmate, Elias Young, sits next to her at the party. Elias is way too charming to be any good for her, but fate forces Ava to put that tired theory to the ultimate test. Is it happenstance? Serendipity? Or, is the night before Christmas also the night before everything Ava thinks she knows about love changes for good?

The Night Before is my type of holiday romance. Elias and Ava have great chemistry. Their relationship blossoms pretty quickly but with the way it was written, it was believable. They have a little bit of history (mainly on Elias’ end) which helps make the quick development of the romance more believable.

Ava is hesitant to fall for Elias’ charm. Initially she comes off a little stuck up and stiff. She’s just ended a long-term relationship and isn’t looking to fall into a new one. But who can resist Elias and his charm?

Elias is one sexy hero. He’s smart, suave (without being corny), vulnerable and he loves to read. Hello! Definitely perfect man material. I love seeing how Elias interacts with his parents and brothers.

Everything about The Night Before was on point.  It was sexy and funny and emotional without being cheesy and overly holiday-ish. I was smiling at the banter between Elias and Ava. Their funny text conversations. Everything about this couple had me in my feels. What I need next is a novella for each of Elias’ fine ass brothers. I’m just saying.

Jacinta Howard is a new-to-me author and she has gained a new reader. I will definitely be checking out her back-list. If you want to read a sexy holiday romance with a charming and caring hero (with a beard) and a woman who reluctantly falls for him, I definitely say The Night Before is the novella for you.

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