Review: Merry Christmas, Baby by Alexandria House

merrychristmasTitle: Merry Christmas, Baby
Author: Alexandria House
Published: December 11, 2017
Pages: 22
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Romance
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: B

summary from Goodreads:
Having to work on Christmas Eve is bad. Having to work the graveyard shift on Christmas Eve is worse. Having to work the graveyard shift on Christmas Eve when your life is a mess? Well, that’s some BS. There doesn’t seem to be a Merry Christmas in store for Sunday Marks, but maybe one call can change that.

Merry Christmas, Baby is a sexy short story that takes place on Christmas Eve. Sunday has to work on Christmas Eve but what’s worse is that her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Justin, is on the rocks. All of that changes with one phone call.

I really enjoyed Justin and Sunday. Justin was trying to get back in Sunday’s good graces and Sunday wasn’t having it. The push and pull between the two was realistic of people who’ve been together for awhile and the communication lapses and one half of the couple starts making assumptions. Even though this is a short story, the author did a great job of giving the readers a glimpse into Justin and Sunday’s past and relationship. The author manages to include some sexy times and romance.

I wasn’t ready for Merry Christmas, Baby to end and I hope that the author revisits Justin and Sunday again. They’re a great couple and I enjoyed their story a lot.


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