Review: My Boo by Daaimah S Poole

mybooTitle: My Boo
Author: Daaimah S. Poole
Published: December 4, 2017
Pages: 85
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Pocket Star
Source: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: D-

summary from Goodreads

Gina seems to have it all: a great job, her own house, her own car, and a steady boyfriend. The only problem is she’s in Philadelphia, and Chris, her long distance boo, lives in Washington, DC. They’ve been dating for a year, and Gina is finding it harder and harder to come home to an empty bed. But she and Chris just can’t find the time to be together. Khalil, her best friend and roomie’s ex, however, might be able to show her just what she’s missing…

My Boo was originally published in 2005 as part of the anthology Kiss the Year Goodbye. I hate when publishers re-issue previously published works without letting the reader know that it was previously published. If you’re going to do this, notify the reader and update the work.

My Boo is seriously outdated. You can tell that this was written in 2005. Nothing in the novella was updated to reflect the current times and it prevented me from enjoying the story, among other issues that I had. For example, Chris works as a DJ and he mentioned that he had a gig at H2O. That’s a club in DC that has been closed for years!!!!!

I’m not going to recap the plot because it’s pretty simple. Gina is in a long distance relationship. From the way she complains you’d think her boyfriend, Chris, lived on the other side of the country. But no. He lives in DC and she lives in Philly. Ummmm….that’s a two hour drive and she’s complaining as if she has to hop on a plane every time she wants to see him. Gina is 23 years old so that may be why she’s so damn immature regarding her relationship. She’s mad that he has ambition and drive and wants to be the center of his world. Gina should be happy that her boyfriend isn’t a bum and he makes the effort to see her all the way in Philly. -_-

What bothered me about this novella is that none of the female characters are likable. They are so self-centered and have no redeeming qualities. Chris is a likable guy and he’s too good for Gina IMO. Khalil is a player and the fact that Gina is too self-absorbed to realize that, she deserves to get  played.

My Boo is classified as a novella but nothing was hot and sexy about it. The sex scenes were non-existent; not detailed, fade to black. That does not make it an erotic novella. I want hot, sexy detailed love scenes and I did not get that. It was such a disappointment.

My Boo was not an enjoyable read. Painfully dated. Not hot and sexy. The heroine was not likable. I did not like the ending. It was just all over the place with random characters and situations thrown in that had nothing to do with the overall story. Maybe if the novella was updated, I would have enjoyed it more. And if there was more detailed sex scenes. My Boo was a huge no.

Rating: D-

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