Review: Leslie’s Curl & Dye by D.L. White

AhhleslieTitle: Leslie’s Curl & Dye
Author: D.L. White
Published: September 9, 2017
Publisher: Self
Pages: 325
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Rating: B
Purchase: Amazon

summary from Goodreads
Leslie Baker, owner of Potter Lake’s original hometown beauty shop, the Curl & Dye, has a problem.
Her problem isn’t her dwindling customer base. And it’s not the shifty, shady Mayor of the idyllic lakeside town.
Her problem is a muscular, handsome, 6’4” former basketball superstar with a solid physique and colorful sleeve tattoos. Kade “KC” Cavanaugh is back in Potter Lake following his NBA retirement and the business he’s opened, a slick and shiny co-ed salon, directly competes with Curl & Dye.

KC is all too eager to pick things up where they left off fifteen years ago, but Leslie can’t forget how he pushed her away after an intimate encounter, then dropped out of college and left her behind for the bright lights of professional ball.
Though she won’t admit it, time and maturity have eaten away at Leslie’s anger and her long-buried attraction to Kade Cavanaugh has resurfaced.
With a vengeance.

Now there is a larger problem: Leslie and KC find themselves in the center of a city wide drama, and with both sides of Potter Lake at war and their livelihoods at stake, the two have to stop sniping at each other and start working together.
And maybe, in the process, forget the past and revive a budding romance that was very special…a very long time ago

Ahhhhh yes! A small town romance featuring black characters. I need more of these type of romances in my life.

I love a second chance romance story and DL White delivers with Leslie’s Curl & Dye. While reading the story, I kept wondering if that was the right title for the book but in the end, I think it was because the hair salon is what brought Kade and Leslie back together. Leslie’s Curl & Dye is the center of Potter Lake, where gossip is exchanged and everyone finds out what’s going on in town.

Kade and Leslie were friends in college. Leslie was attracted to Kade at first sight but their relationship stayed friendly until one night, Leslie decided to take the relationship out of the friend zone. In typical male fashion, Kade messed up and feelings were hurt. 15 years later, Kade is back and he has a brand new shiny barbershop/hair salon that is slowly  putting Leslie’s Curl & Dye out of business. With their past and being competing businesses, there’s no reason for Kade and Leslie to work together or have a cordial relationship but they end up working together against a common enemy to save their businesses and Potter Lake.

I loved everything about Leslie’s Curl & Dye. The setting, the characters, the romance. Leslie’s hair salon reminds of the days where I would go get my hair done with my mom and would be sitting there listening to grown folks talk about who’s doing what with who. You’d see the same women show up for the standing weekly hair appointments with story after story to tell. The hair salon is a place where you have your girl time and leave there feeling beautified and satisfied.

The build up between Kade and Leslie was a slow burn. They had things to work out from their past and present first. The relationship was written without unnecessary drama. These are grown folks, dealing with grown folks issues and handling it with maturity. Ain’t no playing games around here. Even though Leslie had lingering hurt feelings over how Kade left, Kade didn’t hold any bad feelings toward Leslie. He knew that he would have to apologize and earn her trust again in order for her to feel comfortable with them dating again. Kade and Leslie together was grown and sexy and I was here for it!

So I’m supposed to study for this exam while you’re looking all thick snackish over there? Is that…is that the deal?

I love me a good epilogue and this one has an epilogue that had me grinning from ear to ear. I hope that DL White revisits Potter Lake again because she created  a cast of characters that I fell in love with and can’t wait to see them again.


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