Review: The Sweetest Part by LaShae Latimore

sweetestpartTitle: The Sweetest Part
Author: LaShae Latimore
Published: October 23, 2017
Pages: 285
Genre: Urban Fiction
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Rating: D-/F
Purchase: Amazon

summary from Goodreads:

Miles Lundy, a decorated detective from New Jersey is a stand-up guy…. on paper. He lands his dream job right out of college and manages to work his way up within the Police department by the time he’s thirty-five despite the odds stacked against him. He eventually marries the love of his life, Shayne and proceeds to make a life for himself and his wife. Miles has knack for trying to always do the right thing. His only vice is his weakness for the ladies. With an addiction to the feminine physique and a reputation for loving, leaving and moving on to the next, drama ensues.

Shayne has managed to look the other way for years when faced with her husband’s indiscretions. But how many second chances does it take to get to fed up? Shayne un covers yet another of Miles’ infidelities, but this one proves to be far more damaging than she could have imagined. Slowly, Shayne’s sanity starts to slip away and a Savage is born. Sick of playing the victim, She sets out to seek sweet revenge stopping at nothing to show Miles’ how expensive the cost of screwing over the wrong woman can be. A deadly course of events brings Miles face to face with his sins leaving him waist deep in a web of lies, betrayal and Murder. Will Miles have the strength to fight his demons and be the man that he set out to be, or will karma have something a little different in mind?

I really wanted to like this book. I really, really wanted to. I love the cover. That’s what first caught my eye. And then I read the blurb and felt that The Sweetest Part was the book for me. I managed to stick with Miles and Shayne and their dysfunctional marriage all the way up to the 91% mark. And then I stopped with a ‘Oh hell no!’ and put my Kindle down. There’s no way this book was going to end the way I think it was going to end. No. Effing. Way.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Miles is married to Shayne. According to Miles, Shayne is the perfect wife with the perfect body and he’s madly in love with her. The problem is, Miles likes to fuck other women. A lot. His wayward dick has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. Shayne is aware of her husband’s doggish ways but she loves him and Miles is smooth and manages to apologize and sweet talks his way to forgiveness every time. Plus it’s mentioned that Shayne has dealt with abuse in her past which makes it easy for her to forgive Miles because at least he treats her well [insert eye roll].

I knew when I started reading The Sweetest Part that there will be cheating. I mean, it’s part of the blurb. What I wasn’t expecting was that the author was going to make the wife become a crazy person that no one recognizes and make Shayne be at fault, in Miles mind, for why he cheats. His reasoning is that Shayne looks down on him and makes him feel less than. Never mind the fact that Shayne big ups him all the damn time and pushes him to be his better self. She encourages him and if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be where he was in his career, a career which he loves. Miles makes it sounds like he’s the man for taking care of his wife and providing for her financially. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do as the husband? So which one is it? Not once was there any indication that Shayne thought of her husband as beneath her. The only time she argued with him was when it was about his infidelities. So that was STRIKE ONE.

It’s mentioned several times that Shayne has experienced a lot of abuse in her life. It was touched on briefly about abuse she experienced as a child but not any other abuse she may have experienced in relationships as an adult. Because of her past, this is why Shayne lets Miles slide with the infidelity. And because of Shayne’s past, this is why Miles treats her like a Queen – according to Miles. PAUSE. None of this adds up. Miles isn’t dumb. He has to realize that his constant cheating is a form of abuse. It’s emotional abuse. He’s no better than any of the men from Shayne’s past. Ugh! Miles is a terrible human being. STRIKE TWO.

As the plot progresses, I had a feeling on where things were headed. I was hoping the author would do it justice. I was hoping Miles would get his comeuppance. Unfortunately the author  failed big time which is why at 91% I had to stop. Below is a spoiler. Highlight if you want to know. If not skip & continue reading.

During most of the book, Miles has been lusting after an intern, Nia, talking about how this is someone he can see spending his life with. Mind you, he has a former jump-off that’s saying she’s pregnant with his child, his wife is tired of dealing with his shit and yet he’s fantasizing about a life with Nia as if he’s single! So as we approach the 91% mark and Shayne has completely lost her shit, it looks as if the author is going to let Miles have the woman he truly wants, Nia, while his wife is dealing with the consequences of her actions. No! That’s not how this works. This man does not get to go off into the sunset with Nia after all the shit he has done!!! No! To quote Mean Girls, “that’s goes against the rules of feminism”.

After being totally done at 91% I managed to regroup and  finish The Sweetest Part and I still wasn’t satisfied. It ends in a cliffhanger so I’m assuming there’s a second book. The title doesn’t make any sense because there was absolutely nothing sweet about this book or about the characters. Everyone is terrible. The fact  that the author has the gall to try and redeem Miles is just gross. He’s fucking terrible! No he didn’t put his hands on Shayne but he’s still an abuser. A serial cheater. He played mind games. He used her love against her to manipulate her. He’s a sociopath.  If I’m curious enough maybe I’ll read the second book (if there is one) but only if by the end, Miles gets hit by a car and dies.


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