Review: Always by Joy Avery


Title: Always
Series: The Lassiter Sisters, #3
Author: Joy Avery
Published: November 10, 2017
Pages: 133
Genre: Romance
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Rating: C+
Purchase: Amazon

summary from Goodreads:
How does love repair a shattered heart…

After her recent divorce, a new relationship is the last thing on Sadona Lassiter’s mind. Who needs the complication? Unfortunately, Mount Pleasance, North Carolina’s handsome veterinarian is starting to grow on her. A huge complication. She can’t deny her attraction to Keith Fremont, but is she ready to risk her heart again?

…piece by delicate piece.

Keith’s content with his mundane life—all work and no play—until Sadona strolls into his practice with an injured dog. Captivated by the beautiful woman, he’s determined to get to know her. And he does. But will he allow a devastating betrayal in his past to keep him from securing a future with the woman he loves?
The oldest Lassiter sister finally gets her HEA. When we were introduced to Gadiya, Rana and Sadona Lassiter, the sisters were not looking for love. Sadona was dealing with the decision of whether or not to end her marriage. Throughout Gadiya and Rana’s stories, we were privy to what was going on with Sadona. Always starts with Sadona being divorced and starting her own business. One of the things that she regrets doing is letting her ex, Alec, convince her to forgo her dreams and basically put her life on hold while she supported his.

Thanks to a stray dog that immediately captured Sadona’s heart (and almost became close friends with the front bumper of her car), Sadona meets sexy vet Keith Fremont. Keith isn’t looking for love or a relationship. He was burned bad by his ex and has not (or refuses) to recover. When Sadona walks into his practice, there’s immediate attraction on both sides. But the two are weary of putting their hearts on the line.

What I really enjoyed about Always is that the main characters are grown ass people! Sadona is 42 years old and Keith is 45. Heyyyyyy!!!!!! Keith is established with his veterinarian practice. Sadona is starting over but she’s not a 20 something who’s trying to figure out who she wants to be. Sadona knows who she is; she just had to put it in rice while she was married to her selfish, cheating ex-husband. I love that when Keith and Sadona give in to the attraction and attempt to have a relationship, they agree that they’re going to be 100% honest with each other. There will be no saying one thing but meaning something else. Or playing games. Grown people having grown conversations and dealing with it like adults. Hallelujah!

Of course nothing is going to be 100% easy or perfect. I loved revisiting the other two Lassiter sisters. Gadiya is hilarious, if a bit dramatic,  going through her pregnancy. One of my favorite scenes in Always was when Gadiya has a her own Charlotte moment. *Anyone who has seen the Sex and the City movie and remembers the scene where Charlotte sees Mr Big and confronts him…y’all know what I’m talking about*

I found the conflict to be predictable but I didn’t expect Keith to be the asshole that he was towards Sadona. I was ready to cut him off and say that there needs to be a Part 2 for Sadona where she finds a man who deserves her! In the words of the wise Gadiya:

“You, sir, are an asshole.”

Always was a nice ending to the Lassiter Sisters series. The characters in Always are around my age and I related to them the most. I loved the portrayal of black romance, black love and the black family. And of course, sisterhood. I hope that we get to see these characters again…maybe when Craven finally meets his Queen to Be *hint, hint*.




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