Review: Forbidden – An Anthology


Title: Forbidden – An Anthology
Author: Brookelyn Mosley
Published: October 30, 2017
Pages: 115
Purchase link: Amazon


12 characters. 5 short stories. 1 book.

*Note – All  of the short stories involve cheating and do not end with your typical HEA*

Most anthologies don’t work for me. Sometimes they’re too long and the quality of the stories are not that great. This isn’t the case with Forbidden. The subjects addressed in the short stories are taboo. Some of them involve cheating. I wouldn’t necessarily call any of the stories “romance” in the typical everyone gets an HEA that we expect. But the characters and their actions were interesting enough and well-written where I didn’t mind that this wasn’t an anthology where everyone gets their HEA.

Tasteful Taboo
Joelle and Cameron don’t have the perfect marriage. They currently go to counseling and their counselor suggested that 1 night a year, the couple can swing. They go to a specific event, hosted by the marriage counselor, and the husband and wife have to agree on which couple they are going to swing with. The only rule is that you can’t swing with a couple that you’ve hooked up with before and it can’t be anyone that you know. 

Swinging is not the way to go to save your marriage and what kind of marriage counselor even suggests this?? Anyway, The story was a slow build, providing information about Joelle’s marriage and her husband’s past infidelities. He looks forward to these once a year events more than Joelle does but she goes along with it because she thinks it makes their marriage better. [insert eye roll] Once I finished reading this short story, I wanted more. The plot was just really getting good and then, poof, end of story. I enjoyed it. I hated Cameron. Joelle deserves more than her cheating ass husband.

Rating: B

Karma Coated
This story deals with the aftermath of when you find out your best friend and your husband were having an affair. Genesis is sticking by her husband’s side while he’s fighting for his life. Her best friend is gone. Should she give in to her anger?

Karma Coated was the most emotional out of the 5 short stories. Can you put aside the anger and pray for someone that you love survival? I don’t know if I could. As a reader there’s no way that you can feel that what Genesis gave into was a bad thing. Genesis and August were both betrayed by people they love. People that were their friends respectively. I would probably be on some get back my damn self. I would say this was also the least sexiest story as well only due to the subject matter.

Rating – C

Decadent Contradictions
I’m going to start off by saying this was my least favorite. Joi Friday was annoying as hell and I know women like her in real life and I try my best to stay away from them. She walks around as if gold shoots out her p*ssy and is pissed when a man doesn’t pay her any attention. I was not mad with the ending of this story because it’s exactly what she deserves. She wasn’t trying to change. Joi just wanted another come up without having to work for shit.

Rating: D

Delectable No-No
Ayanna has had it with her cheating boyfriend so she decides it’s time to give him a taste of his own medicine. Except she chooses someone who’s little too close to home to exact her revenge. This story was okay. I didn’t like the way Ayanna used this person strictly for revenge. This person was really nice and actually liked Ayanna. To take advantage of that in the name of revenge was kind of cruel. This story is all about cheating but the characters are college-aged so I wouldn’t expect anything different.

Rating: C

Divinely Illicit
This story is about Mello and his introduction to sex thanks to his mom’s BFF, Toni. This was probably the sexiest story out of the bunch. Mello is a playa and put those sex skills to good use. Seems like he be having the girls feigning. What I found cute is that he still has a hard-on for Toni. Toni is older but still sexy and good-looking. And Mello still wants to tap that. I really enjoyed the story and this was another one that I wasn’t ready for it to end. According to the author’s website, Mello’s story may become a full-length novel. Cool.

Rating: B

I enjoyed this anthology. For the stories that I really liked, I felt that they were too short. The anthology is only 115 pages. The first and last short stories I really want made into full-length novels. I especially want to know what happened with Joelle and [redacted}.

Overall rating : C

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