Review: A Husband by New Year’s by Sean D. Young

husbandTitle: A Husband by New Year’s
Series: The McClendon Holiday Series, #4
Author: Sean D. Young
Published: November 13, 2017
Publisher: Entangled (Bliss)
Pages: 291
Genre: Contemporary
Source: Netgalley
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: C

summary from Goodreads:

When Renee McClendon was a teenager, she made a list of all the qualities her perfect man would have, but no matter how many handsome guys have ticked the boxes, she has yet to find the man for her. She wants a regular guy who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, and she’s given herself a deadline. If she doesn’t find Mr. Right by New Year’s, she’s done searching.

Patrick Dunlap is used to woman looking at him as a lowly chauffeur…until they realize he owns the whole company. All he wants is a woman who’ll want him for who is, and not only see dollar signs. He hits it off with Renee right away, so while they get to know each other, he withholds some small details instead of risking what they’re starting to build.

But when the truth comes out, how forgiving will Renee be?


A Husband by New Year’s is the first book I’ve read by Sean D. Young. This is book 4 of the McClendon Holiday series but I had no problem following the plot or the characters.

Renee has been writing and re-writing her list of qualities that she thinks makes a perfect man. Her sisters and friends thinks that she’s silly and should throw her list and journal in the trash. Renee ends up making a bet with her friend (sort of friend), Julia, that she will/won’t find a husband by New Year’s. Renee stupidly agrees to the bet saying that she will be able to find the perfect man (based on her list) and be married in a year. Renee tries her hand at online dating, to much disappointment. Even her old standby dates aren’t working out. Renee meets Patrick while out on the date. Patrick is the driver. Her date rudely cuts their date short and Patrick ends up taking Renee home. Patrick is good-looking and gentlemanly. Through circumstance they run into each other again and start building a slow romance.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started A Husband by New Year’s. I’ve never read an Entangled Bliss romance but assumed by the “Bliss” aspect that it was going to be a sweet romance with fade-to-black love scenes and I was right. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been a romance reader since the age of 12 and have been reading romance for 30 years. I’ve grown to expect (and want) some heat and fiyah! But I digress…

The main conflict was Patrick hiding who he was to Renee. He’s dated women in his past where they’ve only want him for his money. When Renee assumes that he’s just a driver he doesn’t correct her. I don’t mind the lie by omission too much because I can understand Patrick’s reasoning. And I figured this would be the main conflict that could break up  their relationship.

There was a lot going on plot wise in this book. There’s drama between Patrick and his brother. Renee’s sister, Patrice, is having issues. There was a small hint that there are issues going on with Jennifer and her marriage. Renee and her friend Julia are clashing at work and outside of work. It was a lot to squeeze into a book and because of this, the pacing was a little slow at times.  We don’t get a clear answer behind Julia’s actions and anger towards Renee. Seems like it’s more than just an attitude problem.

I loved the family dynamics and how it was presented as a foundation for who Patrick and Renee are as people. Patrick’s family drama kind overshadowed the story at one point and I could have done without it. I hated that it was used as a plot device to bring Renee and Patrick back together.

Overall, A Husband by New Year’s was a cute, sweet romance. Renee was semi-annoying with her journal and the standards that she has for herself, men and the people around her. Sometimes it felt like she was a little to high and mighty, at times judgmental and not flexible. But there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to compromise a little.


Rating: C

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