Review: Proposal for Love by Sharon C. Cooper

proposaforloveNathaniel Jenkins-Moore never allows romantic entanglements to get in the way of running Jenkins & Sons Construction. That is until the woman who ripped out his heart crashes back into his life. She wants to leave the past in the past, and though Nate knows a thing or two about rebuilding strong foundations, her betrayal still haunts him. He can’t forget. He won’t forgive. She can’t be trusted. But why does his heart still beat double-time whenever she’s near?

Liberty Stewart has been living a lie. Masking her shredded self-esteem and trying to overcome the emotional torment inflicted by her abusive ex-husband, she’s ready to rebuild her life. But just when she thinks she’s on track, her current assignment brings her face to face with the only man she’s ever truly loved—Nate. Too bad he hates her. Liberty knows she did Nate wrong, and getting him to trust her again might be impossible, but neither of them can deny the attraction that still runs deep.

Is the burning passion they share enough to get their troubled hearts to finally beat as one? Or is the hurt too deep for a happily ever after?

I’ve only read one book in the Jenkins Family series but I plan on going back and starting from the beginning. The Jenkins family is large and a lot of them show up in Proposal for Love. Nathan Jenkins-Moore is the twin brother of Nick who had his own HEA in Love Under Contract (book 1 of the Jenkins & Sons series). For some reason I forgot that the Jenkins-Moore boys were twins.

Nate and Liberty have a past that prevents them from working together on a huge contract that will benefit both of them. Liberty betrayed Nate in order to save her family.  Ten years later, the hurt still runs deep for Nate by Liberty’s betrayal. I must say that when Nate and Liberty first come face-to-face, I was taken aback by Nate’s visceral response. I thought there’s no way that this couple can overcome Nate’s hate and distrust of Liberty and reach a HEA. But of course, this is romance and there’s always a way.

I really liked Liberty’s character. She’s going through some rough times and is trying to get back on her feet. Liberty had her moments of feeling down on herself but she wasn’t whiny and she didn’t let the setbacks deter her from moving forward.

Nate was easier to like once he was able to get over his anger  towards Liberty. He wasn’t quick to trust her but once he heard her reasoning behind her actions, he was more understanding. He didn’t immediately forgive her but he wasn’t as mean to her as he was before.

Many characters from the Jenkins & Sons series show up but it doesn’t deter from the story. It’s great seeing a African-American family that’s close-knit and successful. I will definitely be checking out the Jenkins & Sons series.

I love a second change romance story and Proposal for Love is a great story about regretting the decisions you make when you’re younger. But at that time you think you’re doing the right thing. Hindsight is 20/20 but you can’t dwell on the past or what might have been.

Nate and Liberty had to overcome a lot but the emotional journey they had to take was definitely worth it.

Rating: C+


Love Under Contract


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